Join with Greenpeace to save the arctic


What’s happening?

The Arctic is home to incredible wildlife, from mysterious narwhals to majestic polar bears, and it also strongly influences the planet’s climate and weather. Today, climate change and oil drilling pose an extreme threat to this vitally important icy ecosystem. The sea ice these animals depend on is vanishing at a terrifying speed. Without the ice to hunt, rest, and breed, the very survival of polar bears and other wildlife is under threat.

“Mother polar bears, weak and starving, have trouble reproducing. Their cubs must fight the odds to survive into adulthood. Unless we make a global, concentrated effort to prevent this, experts warn that polar bears could disappear completely from the Arctic in the next 100 years.” – Greenpeace

Oil companies are looking to ever more extreme and dangerous locations to drill, in a reckless bid to exploit the oil we have to keep in the ground. Norwegian state-owned oil company StatOil wants to drill further north than ever before, in the Arctic.

Greenpeace’s efforts

Greenepace are working to challenge against Arcticoil. They are leading a people-powered movement to keep “Big Oil” out and also campaigning for a marine sanctuary in the North Pole’s international waters.

“… from the Arctic, to the Canadian Tar Sands and now in the Great Australian Bight – where a huge people-powered win saw oil giant BP ditch its dangerous ultra-deepwater drilling – people have begun to break the stranglehold of Big Oil.” – Greenpeace

Supporting Greenpeace

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How you can help

In 2015, Shell quit the Arctic after three years of non-stop people power! Over seven MILLION people were there to expose Shell’s failings and call the company to account at every turn. Now it’s time to make sure Big Oil never returns. Join with Greenpeace to stop Norwegian state-owned oil company StatOil from further drilling.



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