Join with Greenpeace and say no to new coal mines


What’s happening?

The Great Barrier Reef is at risk of destruction through coal mining. The Reef is a living thing – precious and fragile. It is the only living thing on earth that is visible from space – and it needs protecting now more than ever.

The coal industry is accelerating global warming by mining and burning coal, and is putting the future of the Reef at risk. In 2016, warming oceans caused the worst coral bleaching event in history on the Great Barrier Reef and almost a quarter of the Reef’s coral died.

Greenpeace’s efforts

Graeme Kelleher is an activist working to protect the Reef. For 16 years, beginning in 1979, he was in charge of the Government authority trusted with designing and protecting the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Back then, the diversity of the Reef was amazing. Now, he finds that global warming and our Government’s decisions are putting the health and future of the Reef at risk.

Graeme is calling on the government to protect the Great Barrier Reef from the devastating impacts of climate change by implementing a ban on new coal mines in Australia.  It takes each and every one of us to do our bit if we want to make change for the better and that’s why Graeme is using his experience on this issue to speak out about the Great Barrier Reef.

Supporting Greenpeace

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How you can help

“To me, it’s clear: Australia cannot have a healthy Great Barrier Reef and an expanding coal industry. Burning fossil fuels is changing our climate and warming our oceans, which in turn is bleaching and killing coral in record numbers.” – Graeme Kelleher

Send your message to Prime Minister Turnbull today;

“Prime Minister Turnbull: I call on you to protect the Great Barrier Reef from the devastating impacts of climate change by implementing a ban on new coal mines in Australia.”




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