Join with Animals Australia and be the voice for baby animals


What’s happening?

In a world-first investigation, Animals International (the global arm of Animals Australia) has exposed the horror awaiting young animals, including unwanted dairy calves, as they are prepared to be exported from Romania, the biggest exporter of animals in Europe, and the biggest exporter of baby animals in the world. Torn away from grieving mothers, scores of babies are being forced onto crowded death ships bound for the Middle East.

Animals Australia’s efforts

Animals International’s ground-breaking investigations have spanned 16 countries — shining a spotlight on animal abuse, forcing government intervention, driving change and empowering individuals and communities to be active participants in the fight against animal cruelty.

In this recent investigation, Animals International found that young calves were taken away from their mothers at just months old. One by one, young dairy calves are sold into the global live export trade — an industry whose sole focus is increasing profits and meat consumption around the world. After being ‘fattened up’ in feedlots, animals are trucked to countries where shocking footage taken by Animals International reveals them being beaten, tormented, their tails twisted and broken, and their throats sliced open before being left to suffer slow and painful deaths.

Romanian sheep sold to the Middle East don’t fare much better. In Jordan, investigators found sheep from Romania being brutally killed in the street during the Festival of Sacrifice while other frightened animals were crammed into car boots only to face agonising slaughter in back yards.

Supporting Animals Australia

Phoenix Rising For Children (PRFC) is an accredited out-of-home or foster care agency providing services in Sydney, including the greater metropolitan areas, Central Coast and parts of the Hunter region of NSW, Australia. PRFC was founded in 2001 to provide quality foster care to children and young people in NSW, including contemporary, quality, family-based foster care and effective and specialist support services to children and young people and their families. PRFC operates ethically, effectively and empathically with a view to achieving quality outcomes and a satisfying working environment, and as such we support organisations that encompass similar ideals.

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How you can help

Whether from Australia or Romania, these death ships that transport frightened and confused animals around the world just to be killed, serve one purpose only — to make rich companies richer. But it’s innocent animals paying the price.

You can take action today by signing this petition calling on Romania’s Prime Minister to stop the death ships and end Romania’s cruel trade in live animals.


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