A victory for NSW & the ACT – Greyhound racing to be banned. Call on a nation-wide ban


What’s happening?

Premier Mike Baird has made the historic decision to ban greyhound racing in NSW by July 2017. Following NSW’s monumental decision to make greyhound racing illegal, the ACT government has followed suit and announced it too can no longer support the animal cruelty inherent in the greyhound racing industry.

Animals Australia’s efforts

When Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Queensland investigators dug into the dark side of greyhound racing, they uncovered mass killings, doping, corruption and horrific ‘live baiting’ training practices. The evidence they gathered was broadcast on ABC’s Four Corners program — and the endemic animal cruelty at the heart of the greyhound racing industry was finally exposed for all the world to see.

An independent inquiry was launched to determine the continued existence — or dissolution — of the greyhound racing industry. And now Premier Mike Baird has followed the advice of thousands of caring Australians, and the Commissioner of the inquiry, Michael McHugh, who all came to the only logical conclusion — that greyhound racing has completely lost its “social licence” to operate and must be banned.

“As a humane and responsible Government, we are left with no acceptable course of action except to close this industry down. This is the inevitable conclusion to be drawn from the appalling revelations in Mr McHugh’s report and his considered view that any other measures are unlikely to protect animals from further cruelty.” – NSW Premier, Mike Baird

“The Government cannot continue to support an industry that is turning a blind eye to the sort of behaviour and cruelty uncovered by the special commission of inquiry. It is untenable for the ACT Government to continue allowing, and financially supporting the practice of greyhound racing.” – ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barr

Supporting Animals Australia

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How you can help

State by Territory, greyhound racing is toppling under the demands of the overwhelming majority of caring Aussies who want to see a permanent end to this cruel ‘sport’. Make the most of this compassionate momentum and urge your MP to ban greyhound racing nationwide!




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