Support Oxfam with Oxjam!


What’s happening?

OXJAM is a month-long music festival held in August to raise money for Oxfam’s efforts in fighting poverty around the world. Having rocked the UK for 10 years, OXJAM hit Aussie shores with a bang in 2015 and is now back for its second year, which is set to be even bigger and better.

This year, Megan Washington and Art vs Science have come on board as OXJAM’s official ambassadors, encouraging music lovers around the country to throw their own gigs and parties to fundraise for Oxfam.

Oxfam’s efforts

Throwing an OXJAM gig can be done by anyone, anywhere, any way. Epic or intimate, low-key or even off-key, the choice is yours, and OXJAM will support you every step of the way to pull off a memorable party against poverty. And if hosting isn’t your thing, check out the OXJAM gig guide to pop along and support music in your hood.

The money raised through OXJAM goes directly towards Oxfam Australia’s efforts in fighting poverty around the world. As a gig host you even have the option to choose which area of Oxfam’s work your funding goes towards; whether it be access to clean water, safety or equality; your efforts can truly make a difference to the lives of others.

Supporting Oxfam

Phoenix Rising For Children (PRFC) is an accredited out-of-home or foster care agency providing services in Sydney, including the greater metropolitan areas, Central Coast and parts of the Hunter region of NSW, Australia. PRFC was founded in 2001 to provide quality foster care to children and young people in NSW, including contemporary, quality, family-based foster care and effective and specialist support services to children and young people and their families. PRFC operates ethically, effectively and empathically with a view to achieving quality outcomes and a satisfying working environment, and as such we support organisations that encompass similar ideals.

Have you considered fostering a young one? PRFC undertakes regular planning and evaluation and has a focus on personal development and training. We are always interested in hearing from those passionate about making a meaningful difference for a child in foster care or a family requiring assistance. If you would like to become a foster carer and join our team providing effective and meaningful care to children and young people, please contact us!

We also provide family contact services, and these specialize in contact supervision for children in out of home care with their parents and other significant family members.

We can be reached at

Learn more about our foster care agency in NSW at

How you can help

The money you raise goes towards Oxfam Australia’s life changing work around the world. You can choose which area of our work your funding goes towards, or alternatively you can let us decide.

Right to Water

Every human being should have access to clean water. In impoverished communities around the world, you’re helping to kick-start water and hygiene committees, providing individuals with skills and training to lead healthy lives free from water-borne disease and illness.

Right To Safety

Every human being has a right to live in safety. When an emergency hits, you’re providing people with the assistance they need to survive – clean water, hygiene facilities, food, health and nutrition advice and shelter.

Right to Equality

Every human being should be born equal. You’re helping women all over the world to achieve equal rights, empowering both men and women through our gender equality programs to eliminate violence against women, and secure fair wages and working conditions for all.

Join hundreds of on and off-stage stars and throw your own OXJAM event this August to help fight global poverty.




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