Join with WSPA and help stop the cruelty to animals in Spain


What’s happening?

It’s been estimated that some 60,000 animals die every year in Spain as part of bullfighting during traditional festivals, with 11,000 bulls killed or tortured.  In festivals such as the Toro Jubilo, a young bull has balls of inflammable material attached to its horns, which are then torched and set ablaze. Hot sparks and burning embers rain down on its head and the bull pants in fear and terror. After enduring this relentless terror for up to an hour it stands exhausted, panting and with its hide singed and burnt from the hot sparks that have cascaded down on it.

WSPA’s efforts

WSPA are calling on the leaders to take a stand, to make a resolution that 2016 will be the last year these despicable traditions will take place. Not just in bullfighting but in all fiestas and festivals where animals are treated cruelly, or terrified, taunted and tortured. They want a commitment to end cruelty in the name of culture and tradition.

Supporting WSPA

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How you can help

The torture of exhausted, frightened animals and celebration of cruelty towards them should have no place anywhere – least of all in a modern, progressive nation like Spain.

It’s time to end the use of Spanish taxpayer’s money to prop up these festivals of cruelty. Time to end torture masquerading as culture. Time to stop the killing and the cruelty and to send these traditions into the history books. Time to make history by committing to making this happen.  Send your message to Spain’s political leaders:

“We ask you to hear our request, and to heed the voices of your own people. There is no place in the country you wish to govern, or anywhere in the world, for continued barbarity towards animals in the name of tradition.”



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