Join with Avaaz and help save the Sierra del Divisor Amazon forest

What’s happening?

The Sierra del Divisor is on the westernmost point of Brazil, in the state of Acre, near the Peruvian border. The Sierra del Divisor Mountain Range stretches more than 600 miles along the Peru-Brazil Border in the heart of the Amazon Basin. This largely unknown and unexplored range is one of the Amazon’s last true wildernesses. The region, which is home to a biological community rich in rare and threatened species, is located in the center of a ten-million-acre multinational wildlife corridor and is one of the highest conservation priorities in Peru.

The Sierra del Divisor is at risk of being destroyed by illegal coca growers and illegal loggers. It also faces imminent threats from oil and mining development, road and pipeline construction and over-fishing. Unchecked, these threats could destroy the area in a matter of years. But with a stroke of his pen, the Peruvian Prime Minister could turn it into a National Park and save it.

Avaaz’s efforts

There is a bill to protect the forest that is on the PM’s desk right now, and PM Cateriano is considering signing it right now — but every hour he doesn’t, this treasure is being destroyed. If he takes a stand against this illegal destruction, his leadership could inspire others to protect the planet and his example will echo down generations. But it’s up to us and Avaaz to make sure he knows that.

Supporting Avaaz

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How you can help

Activists in Peru say if Cateriano knows the whole world is supporting him, it will tip him to take action. Environmentalists and indigenous groups have been lobbying for twenty years to get this area protected. Now you too can help by signing the petition:



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