You can demand the release of prisoner of conscience, Aster Fissehatsion

What’s happening?

In 2001, Aster Fissehatsion was arrested together with 10 other members of a group of political dissidents known as the Group of 15 (or G-15), including her former husband, former vice-president and foreign minister of Eritrea, Mahmoud Ahmed Sheriffo. Before their arrest, the G-15, who were all senior party officials in the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice Party (PFDJ), Eritrea’s only political party, wrote a letter to party members describing and proposing solutions for the “crisis of Eritrea”. The letter contended that the President and the PFDJ were obligated by the Constitution to call internal party meetings, follow correct parliamentary and government procedures and follow up on a number of promises the party had made, particularly regarding judicial reform.

In August 2001, the Secretary General of PFDJ accused the G-15 of attempting to destabilize the country and in response the G-15 published a letter in a newspaper, calling upon the Eritrean people to help solve the country’s problems. On the night of 18 September 2001, 11 of the 15 signatories of the letter were arrested.

For close to 14 years, Aster’s family has not seen or heard from her.

Amnesty International’s efforts

Amnesty International are working to get Aster released from prison.

“The President and his cohorts are guilty in the court of conscience; therefore, they are the real prisoners. My parents’ conscience and ideals are roaming free within and beyond the four walls of their cells.”  – Ibrahim Mahmoud Ahmed Sherifo [Aster’s son]

Supporting Amnesty International

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How you can help

You can send your message and join with Amnesty International to demand the release of Aster.

“I urge you to immediately reveal Aster’s whereabouts and fate, to ensure that she is granted access to her family and to legal representation, that she is protected from torture and other ill-treatment, and provided with all necessary medical care.”



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