Join with Avaaz to stop the crackdown on civil society

What’s happening?

Right now, Governments around the world are passing gag laws that are prohibiting protests and closing down organisations. This is the biggest crackdown on civil society in a generation and it is making it hard for organisations like Avaaz to work.

Avaaz staff have been kicked out of Egypt and they have been vilified and harassed by the government in India. In Egypt, there are new laws that criminalize peaceful protest and authorize the police to violently disperse public meetings. People have been arrested, beaten and dumped in the desert outside Cairo for protesting these laws.

Avaaz loses their power when governments pass gag laws. Their power is our voices joined  together.

“If governments outlaw us or sabotage our strategies, we are done. It’s time to fight back!” – Avaaz

Avaaz’s efforts

In the last three years, over 60 countries have passed laws that inhibit non-governmental groups. In Spain, Avaaz staff could be fined up to 600,000 euros just for organising a peaceful protest. In Israel, a draft law threatens to label brave human rights organisations as “foreign agents”, and cut off their international funds. And in Uganda a government body could soon dissolve any group it doesn’t like.

Avaaz has got a new killer plan to protect our democracies — a global legal defence team.

“… people rarely get a good lawyer, because it’s too expensive. That’s where we come in. Avaaz already has a tiny world-class legal team. But, if we build the biggest, baddest, crowd sourced pro-democracy legal group in the world, we’ll challenge repressive laws when they are drafted, and then destroy the worst attacks in court.” – Avaaz

Supporting Avaaz

Phoenix Rising For Children (PRFC) is an accredited out-of-home or foster care agency providing services in Sydney, including the greater metropolitan areas, Central Coast and parts of the Hunter region of NSW, Australia. PRFC was founded in 2001 to provide quality foster care to children and young people in NSW, including contemporary, quality, family-based foster care and effective and specialist support services to children and young people and their families. PRFC operates ethically, effectively and empathically with a view to achieving quality outcomes and a satisfying working environment, and as such we support organisations that encompass similar ideals.

Have you considered fostering a young one? PRFC undertakes regular planning and evaluation and has a focus on personal development and training. We are always interested in hearing from those passionate about making a meaningful difference for a child in foster care or a family requiring assistance. If you would like to become a foster carer and join our team providing effective and meaningful care to children and young people, please contact us!

We also provide family contact services, and these specialize in contact supervision for children in out of home care with their parents and other significant family members.

We can be reached at

Learn more about our foster care agency in NSW at

How you can help

With a small donation, you can help Avaaz protect our freedoms:



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