Join with World Animal Protection and help end animal exports

What’s happening?

Millions of sheep and cattle suffer unnecessarily during live export because of the unbearable conditions on board ships. In shocking new evidence now coming to light in the Middle East, we have seen how our exported sheep and cattle are still suffering unbelievable abuse.

The cruel live export trade causes intense suffering to millions of animals every year. Thousands die before reaching their destination and many face slaughter in inhumane conditions that would be unacceptable in Australia.

World Animal Protection’s efforts

Together with World Animal Protection, we can let the Prime Minister know that we want an end to the cruelty of live export, and until that happens we want the current regulations strengthened, not weakened, and no new markets opened up.

Research has shown that there’s a viable and humane alternative to exporting live animals from Australia. Moving from live export to a chilled and frozen meat trade will protect millions of animals from needless suffering. Also, independent research shows that this humane alternative will protect Australian farmers, the economy and create new jobs.

World Animal Protection’s Live Export campaign has been working since 2008 to move the Australian government and industry to adopt a more humane alternative.

Supporting World Animal Protection

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How you can help

Join with World Animal Protection and send your message to the Australian Government.

“I want to be very clear that I want to see an end to the cruel live export trade and a transition to a frozen and chilled meat trade as a matter of urgency. I ask that you ensure this transition is our government’s priority while you prosecute those exporters responsible for the latest cruelties.”

World Animal Protection



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