You can help save the whales

What’s happening?

There is a worldwide ban on commercial whaling, but unfortunately this is not protecting the whales in Iceland. Iceland is one of three countries still engaged in commercial whaling, using the loophole of ‘scientific whaling’ to get past international restrictions.

The Icelandic whaling fleet is about to embark on its next hunt to kill 150 endangered fin whales. One wealthy businessman in Iceland claims that these whale hunts are traditional, but all his catches are exported to Japan. Public pressure has previously succeeded in preventing a shipment of whale meat from being sent to Japan via Germany, and sent it back to Iceland. Now, stockpiles of whale meat are being kept in freezers in Iceland and even being used as dog food, just to use it up.

Currently, the ship The Winter Bay is getting ready to ship 1,700 tonnes of whale meat to Japan. The shipment is from last year’s hunt. The ship is sitting at the port of the tiny Caribbean nation of St. Kitts & Nevis, and if they remove their flag from the ship, it won’t be able to leave the port.

Avaaz’s efforts

Avaaz have previously helped push European countries to shun the whaling trade, and are now working to stop the hunts in Iceland by reaching out to the nation of St.Kitts & Nevis.

“Tourism is the main pillar of their country’s economy and we can put their reputation on the line by throwing them into our giant global spotlight.” – Avaaz

Supporting Avaaz

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How you can help

You can add your voice to the cause and help stop the shipment of whale meat to Japan, and hopefully put an end to the hunting and killing of endangered fin whales.

“We also call upon St. Kitts to stop supporting Japan’s lethal research in the Southern Ocean at the IWC and support whale conservation instead. No country should engage with the slaughter of these majestic creatures.” – Avaaz

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