You can take action for climate change

What’s happening?

Around the world, the poorest communities in the world are suffering because of the actions of the richest nations. Australia feels the effects of climate change, but it is the people in developing countries like the Pacific Islands, South East Asia and sub Saharan Africa who are bearing the brunt of it.

“Cyclone Pam is a forceful reminder that the people who have done the least to contribute to climate change are already being hit hard by its devastating impacts.” – Oxfam

Oxfam’s efforts

Oxfam works towards stamping out poverty, and the impacts of climate change, if left unchecked, will increase poverty.

Oxfam have found that;

  • 50 million more people will be forced into hunger by 2050 due to climate change – about 75% of that number will be in Africa
  • Over half of the 4 billion people in Asia (60% of the world’s population) live near the coast, making them directly vulnerable to sea level rise
  • Crops on six of Tuvalu’s eight islands have been damaged by rising sea levels and more severe storms affecting local food supplies

What can we do?

We can all work together to make a difference. Oxfam have put together a campaign for action on climate change and suggest a number of ways to get involved on this website.

There are many things you can do right now to tackle climate change on a smaller level. Oxfam outlines a number of ways here.

Supporting Oxfam

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How you can help

“Storms, floods, droughts and wildfires are occurring more frequently. Sea levels are rising. And closer to home we’re faced with water restrictions, greater droughts and more extreme fire days. All because of climate change.” – Oxfam

Join with Oxfam in calling on the Australian Government to increase its contribution to international climate action:




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