You can help support Australian aid

The importance of Australian aid

Australian aid helps some of the world’s most promising people build a better and fairer future. The government has brought cuts to the aid budget up to $11.3 billion in just one year. The cuts will take Australia’s contribution to below 0.23 per cent of our gross national income – lower than 23 cents in every $100, in two years’ time – which will be its lowest point since the beginning of the OECD’s records in 1960.

Humanity has made great progress in shaping a more just and equal world and Australian aid overseas is one of our greatest accomplishments.

“We’ve cut global poverty by 50 percent in the last ten years. We’ve doubled the number of people who have access to clean water. We’ve dramatically reduced the number of children dying every year, and we’ve nearly halved the number of women dying during childbirth.” – Oxfam

Oxfam’s efforts

Oxfam are campaigning to save Australian aid. You can join the cause by writing a letter to your local newspaper saying that you don’t support cuts to Australia’s aid program.

“ When we work together to break the cycle of poverty and inequality, we empower women, men and children around the world to take control and turn their lives around.” – Oxfam

Supporting Oxfam

Phoenix Rising For Children (PRFC) is an accredited out-of-home or foster care agency providing services in Sydney, including the greater metropolitan areas, Central Coast and parts of the Hunter region of NSW, Australia. PRFC was founded in 2001 to provide quality foster care to children and young people in NSW, including contemporary, quality, family-based foster care and effective and specialist support services to children and young people and their families. PRFC operates ethically, effectively and empathically with a view to achieving quality outcomes and a satisfying working environment, and as such we support organisations that encompass similar ideals.

Have you considered fostering a young one? PRFC undertakes regular planning and evaluation and has a focus on personal development and training. We are always interested in hearing from those passionate about making a meaningful difference for a child in foster care or a family requiring assistance. If you would like to become a foster carer and join our team providing effective and meaningful care to children and young people, please contact us!

We also provide family contact services, and these specialize in contact supervision for children in out of home care with their parents and other significant family members.

We can be reached at

Learn more about our foster care agency in NSW at

How you can help

Join with Oxfam and help send a message to our leaders, telling them you don’t support cuts to Australia’s aid program.

“Together, through Australian Aid, we’ve all played a part in this story. Australian Aid helps some of the world’s most promising people build a better and fairer future. Add your voice to the movement committed to a brighter future for Australian Aid.” – Oxfam

Write to your local paper here:

Add your voice here:

Send a message to our leaders here:





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