You can help protect Uruguay’s anti-smoking laws

What’s happening?

The tobacco giant Philip Morris is suing Uruguay for having some of the best anti-smoking laws in the world. Smoking in Uruguay in enclosed public spaces became illegal on 1 March 2006. On that date, bars, restaurants or offices where people are caught smoking began facing fines of more than $1,100 or a three-day closure. Uruguay was the first country in Latin America to ban smoking in enclosed public spaces, which is among the world’s toughest and is similar to bans already in place in Ireland, Sweden, and Norway. The multinational tobacco company Philip Morris International filed a complaint against Uruguay and complains that Uruguay’s anti-smoking legislation devalues its cigarette trademarks and investments in the country.

Avaaz’s mission

Avaaz has set up a call-to-action to support Uruguay’s anti-smoking laws to ensure the judges in the courts in Uruguay don’t turn a blind eye to the cause.

“Let’s tell the court that this doesn’t just affect Uruguay — if Big Tobacco gets their way, it opens the door for challenges everywhere — at least 4 other countries are in the legal crosshairs, and many more have anti-smoking laws at risk.” – Avaaz

Supporting Avaaz

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How you can help

Add your voice to the cause and help support Uruguay’s anti-smoking laws.

You can send your message to the ICSID Tribunal arbitrating the Philip Morris-Uruguay BIT dispute:

“We call on you to rule in favour of Uruguay in the lawsuit brought against them by Philip Morris for passing effective anti-smoking laws. Uruguay has the right to protect the public health of its citizens, and a ruling in Philip Morris’s favour would open the door for them to attack anti-smoking laws in all of our countries. These laws are saving lives everywhere, and our governments should be able to enact and enforce them everywhere.” – Avaaz




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