You can call on Governments across the world to ban mass surveillance

What’s happening?

Governments across the world are spying on everything we do online. In June 2013, whistle-blower Edward Snowden revealed that the US National Security Agency was authorised to monitor phone and internet use in 193 countries around the world. State intelligence and security agencies are using mass surveillance to monitor up our private emails, calls, internet searches, contact lists, phone locations, webcam images and more.

Within the US, there is strong opposition towards US surveillance of Internet use with more than 72% of 15,000 people polled opposing it and only 16% approving.

The United States shares the results of its mass surveillance program with Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom under the Five Eyes Alliance. Even in these countries, more than three times as many people oppose US surveillance (70%) as support it (17%).

Amnesty International’s campaign

Amnesty is taking legal action against the US and UK governments, challenging “the lawfulness of their indiscriminate mass surveillance programs.” Its new campaign, #UnfollowMe, calls on governments to create oversight and transparency around mass surveillance.

“These [mass surveillance] programmes are a violation of the human rights of people across the globe. They violate privacy on a massive scale and have a chilling effect on freedom of expression. The former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in her report on “the right to privacy in the digital age” raised many concerns about the implications of indiscriminate mass surveillance activities on human rights.” – Amnesty International  

Supporting Amnesty International

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How you can help

“The message is clear: even citizens of the United States’ closest allies do not want their internet use recorded by governments. The UK and other Five Eyes countries should be open with their own people about how they are sharing the spoils of surveillance – our personal data.”

  • Salil Shetty, Amnesty International’s Secretary General

By signing the petition, you can call on the USA and UK – as well as their close allies Australia, Canada and New Zealand – to end indiscriminate mass surveillance today.



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