Join with Avaaz and demand Benetton pay their share of the corporate accountability scheme


The tragedy in Bangladesh

Not long ago, the world witnessed one of the worst disasters in history – when the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed, trapping and killing more than a thousand of the workers amongst the rubble. In just 90 seconds, an eight-storey sweatshop in Bangladesh collapsed. 1,134 people died. Some survivors sawed through their own limbs to escape. Out of the horror, the UN set up a ground-breaking compensation and corporate accountability scheme. Incredibly, it’s working — but survivors need our help to get one complicit company to pay up.

The Rana Plaza was a building that housed several factories that made clothing for European and American consumers, including Primark, Walmart, and Benetton. Just the day before the collapse, the Bangladeshi news media had reported that inspection teams had discovered cracks in the structure of Rana Plaza. Despite this, and although some shops on the lower levels and a bank had closed, owners of the garment factories on the upper floors had ordered their employees to keep working. Not long after, the tragedy occurred.

Benetton’s responsibility

Billion-dollar Italian clothing giant Benetton refuses to compensate the victims who made their clothes. It’s the only major global brand with undisputed links that hasn’t contributed. So far, they’re ignoring survivors and will get away with it unless it impacts their reputation. That’s where we come in.

Benetton is prepping for Milan fashion week. It’s Italian fashion’s most important event of the year — and our opportunity to create a massive PR scandal. We can demand Benetton pay up now and save this scheme. When we get to 1 million signers, Avaaz will embarrass them in a spectacular fashion week show they can’t ignore.

Supporting Avaaz

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How can we help?

“As citizens of the world, we urge Benetton to join the scheme, so survivors of this horrific disaster receive full compensation.”

Sign the petition now:




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