Help reunite families persecuted by the government

Around the world, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters are torn apart because they have bravely stood up for human rights. Amnesty International is working to bring these people home and reunite them with their families.

Ablikim Abdiriyim

Ablikim’s situation is desperate: he’s been detained and tortured by the Chinese authorities simply for speaking out for human rights. Abuse and subsequent failing health has already caused him to fall into at least two comas. He’s been beaten so badly that he’s bled from the nose and ears.

Every day that Ablikim is not free, his life is at risk.

“You can imagine my fear,” Rebiya [Ablikim’s mother] told Amnesty International. “How my heart is broken every morning when I wake up and think of Ablikim again. Just as every mother feels when her child is in danger.”

Rebiya was also imprisoned by the Chinese government simply for speaking out. She spent two years in solitary confinement, in a dark, waste-filled room. Rebiya’s case became one of Amnesty’s many success stories. Because of their work to reunite families and free those imprisoned for defending human rights, she was released from prison in 2005.

Supporting Amnesty International

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How can we help?

By supporting Amnesty International you are helping to reunite families, giving brave men and women around the world the chance to be back home with their loved ones.

Amnesty is committed to reuniting people being kept apart from their loved ones. With your generous support, we can continue reuniting families.

$50 Can help reunite a family persecuted by their government

$100 Can help launch a lifesaving action for someone like Ablikim

$250 Can help expose the cruel practices of governments

$500 Can help fund an overseas mission to monitor at risk people

Show your support now:



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