Sign the petition to demand a ban on battery cage hens

Hens at Pace Farm live in squalor

The PACE website describes its farms as ‘state of the art’, boasting the ‘highest standards in animal husbandry’. In massive factory farms like this, it is impossible to monitor the welfare of individual animals. Rather, a key measure of ‘success’ is how many birds remain alive. This is the second time in as many years that Animals Australia has reported this PACE farm to authorities for serious breaches of animal welfare laws.

Animals Australia first reported illegal overcrowding in this PACE egg farm in 2013. Up to six laying hens were found crammed inside many of the cages. Over a year later, the same farm has been re-reported by Animals Australia for confining more birds per cage than is permitted by law. These hens are sometimes “defeathered” — why? Apart from rubbing up against wire all day, stressed hens resort to pecking at their cage mates out of boredom and frustration.

Even after being officially reported for cruelty, industry-funded audits have completely failed to ensure even the most minimum animal welfare standards are being met.

The solution

The laws that govern Australian egg farms were due for review four years ago. Yet this critical review still has not been scheduled. Australia is failing desperately in its obligation to protect animals. Take action today by demanding a ban on the battery cage in Australia.

Supporting Animals Australia

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How can we help?

The barren battery cage has already been banned in the European Union for unacceptable cruelty. Hens suffering in Australian battery cages need your voice. Hens are sensitive animals with unique personalities who don’t deserve a lifetime of suffering. Help free these amazing animals from suffering by taking action now!


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