Tell the Federal Government to label our fish!

What’s happening?

Around the globe many fish stocks are declining. Poor practices in some fisheries are threatening fish species, destroying habitats and undermining workers’ rights. Australians want to buy sustainable, locally caught fish. While most of us think we’re eating Australian seafood, about 72% of what we eat is imported. Consumer health is at risk. For example some shark species contain high levels of mercury, but because of poor labelling people eat it unaware of the consequences.

“Australia’s seafood labelling laws are weak. We should know what fish we’re eating, where it’s from and how it was caught.” – Matthew Evans: chef, author and host of SBS TV series ‘What’s the catch?’

What can we do?

There is a solution to this problem. Citizens of the European Union already enjoy clear seafood labelling. With better labelling we’ll be able to choose sustainable seafood that’s good for our health and good for our oceans. Label My Fish is designed to see new Australian laws requiring more complete and accurate information on seafood labels.

The Label My Fish alliance is backed by celebrity chefs, academics, and Taronga Zoo and Zoos Victoria, and says that clearer labelling will encourage the use of sustainable fishing methods, boost the local fishing industry and lift public health protections.

Supporting Greenpeace

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How you can help

“Clear seafood labelling would support Australian fishers because the public would know if their seafood was caught locally or imported.” – Debbie and Glen Wisby – Aqua Marine Tasmania, Orford TAS

You can join in the conversation and send your letter to the Federal Government in support of adequate seafood labelling laws. These laws will allow you to make an informed choice about what seafood you buy and eat. You will be able to purchase sustainably caught fish which does not risk the health of yourself or your family.


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