Join with Greenpeace and stop the super trawlers fishing in our waters

What’s happening?

Currently, there is a two-year super trawler ban that ends in November. But there is an international fleet of freezer-factory trawlers on our doorstep and the industry is still trying to bring them into our waters.

About super trawlers

Super trawlers are large freezer-factory fishing trawlers that threaten our unique marine life and fisheries, and the recreational fishing, commercial fishing and tourism industries that rely on these. Fish that are caught in the net are sucked on board with a large pipe and into an on-board fish factory that automatically sorts, packs and freezes them. Super trawlers are part of a global problem that has led to the devastation of the world’s fisheries, marine life and local livelihoods.

“These super trawlers are really like giant ocean vacuum cleaners that have got the capacity to suck up thousands and thousands of tonnes of fish out of the ocean.” Greens MP Kim Booth.

Super trawlers kill turtles, dolphins, seals and other marine animals. This indiscriminate fishing method has a high level of bycatch, that is, unwanted marine life. In the past 15 years, bycatch from 20 super trawlers fishing off West Africa has killed an estimated 1,500 critically endangered turtles, more than 18,000 giant rays, and more than 60,000 sharks.

Greenpeace says NO to super trawlers

“In 2012, together with our supporters, we stopped the Margiris super trawler from causing irreparable damage to our marine life and coastal fishing communities. Australians united to have super trawlers banned for two years.” – Greenpeace

Supporting Greenpeace

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How you can help

The super trawlers ban ends on the 19th of November. You can write to your Federal MP and call for a permanent ban on super trawlers. Join with Greenpeace now and say NO to super trawlers:


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