You can help save the Arctic

What’s happening in the Arctic

“There are some places on this Earth that are so important and fragile they should be protected at all costs. The Arctic is one of those places.” – Greenpeace

The melting Arctic is under threat from oil drilling, industrial fishing and conflict. It may seem like a distant place, but the Arctic acts as the Earth’s heart – regulating our climate and circulating the ocean currents.

Shell, Lego and the Arctic

Lego has recently partnered with Shell that will help the oil giant clean up its image as one of the world’s most dangerous Arctic drillers. Already, more than 16 million Shell-branded LEGO sets have been sold or given away at petrol stations in 26 countries. LEGO, the biggest toy company in the world, has built its brand on its continued promise of leaving a better world for children. But by teaming up with Shell it’s letting kids down.

“Shell wants to take advantage of the melting ice to drill for more of the fuels that caused the melting in the first place. But scientists say an oil spill there would be impossible to clean up, devastating the Arctic’s unique wildlife. It’s faced fierce criticism for its plans from environmental NGOs and regulators, and reputation-wrecking media coverage.” – Greenpeace

Greenpeace takes action

Greenpeace have launched global campaign calling on LEGO to block Shell.

“In countries on six continents, our movement of more than 5 million Arctic defenders will mobilise to break this relationship. Together we’ll call on LEGO to stand up for Arctic protection, and for children, by ditching Shell for good.” – Greenpeace

Supporting Greenpeace

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How you can help

You can use your voice to speak up for the Arctic and tell Lego to stop its partnership with Shell.

“LEGO wants to leave the planet in a better place for our children. So does Greenpeace. But Shell’s vision is not one that we want to see future generations struggle with.”

Sign now:



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