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Illegal ivory trading

The ivory trade is the commercial, often illegal trade in the ivory tusks of the hippopotamus, walrus, narwhal, mammoth, and most commonly, Asian and African elephants. Poaching of elephants for their ivory has declined since the 1989 worldwide ivory ban, but it still remains a widespread problem. Thailand’s ivory market is the largest unregulated market in the world. The trade in Thailand is fuelled by ivory from poached African elephant’s tusks that are smuggled into the country.

Elephants – the endangered species

The ivory trade has led to endangerment of species, resulting in restrictions and bans. Ivory hunters were responsible for wiping out elephants in North Africa perhaps about 1,000 years ago, in much of South Africa in the 19th century and most of West Africa by the end of the 20th century. At the current rate of killing, elephants may be extinct in 15 years.

“Poachers just shot one of the world’s largest elephants, Satao, then hacked his 100 pound tusks out of his face with a machete. Each day, 50 regal elephants are butchered just to make dinky ivory trinkets! The main culprit for this carnage is Thailand — the fastest growing market for unregulated ivory.” –

Avaaz campaign to save the elephants

Avaaz have been campaigning to US and EU delegates to crack down on the illegal trade in Thailand. The Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES), created to protect endangered species, gave Thailand a strict timetable to tackle illicit ivory or face serious sanctions. CITES has requested that Thailand enact legislation to protect elephants by stemming the trade of illegal African ivory in the country, and also requested that Thailand implement a registration system for domestic ivory and ivory traders. But the fight to save the elephants is not over yet.

Supporting Avaaz

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How you can help

Add your voice to the petition to save the elephants:

Read more about the threats to the elephants at WWF:



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