You can help save the Renewable Energy Target!

In the news

In February of this year it was announced that there would be a review of the Renewable Energy Target. Greenpeace has been campaigning to call on the Government to dramatically increase its clean energy ambitions.

The benefits of renewable energy

“Millions of Australians are now powering their homes, businesses and farms with solar and wind power and pumping energy back into the grid. Australia is one of sunniest, windiest countries in the world — so it makes sense to use our natural resources wisely and sustainably.

People are choosing renewable energy sources over polluting coal and gas energy because they help them control their power bills and protect the environment. What’s more, this boom in the renewable energy industry has also created nearly 25,000 new jobs around the country, with 18,000 more planned in the coming years.

All this has been made possible by the Renewable Energy Target (RET) — arguably one of the most successful bipartisan policies of our time. Yet corporate interests are set to put this all at risk — and the culprit could be your energy company.” – Greenpeace

The Greenpeace campaign

Origin Energy, AGL and Energy Australia are pressuring our politicians to pull the plug on sustainable solar and wind energy policies. Greenpeace is working to send our energy companies and the Government the message that we support the Renewable Energy Target.

Supporting Greenpeace

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How you can help

With the RET currently being reviewed, Greenpeace and others are working to ensure the RET remains strong.

“The 2012 review found that the RET was effective and doing exactly what it was designed to do: helping Australians reap the benefits of clean, cheap renewable energy. But this latest review tribunal is headed by climate change sceptic Mr Dick Warburton. Other panel members have strong links to the fossil fuel industry.” – Greenpeace

You can do your part by signing the petition to send to the three major energy companies:


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