You can help ban duck hunting season across Australia

In mid-March, duck hunting season began in some states across the country. The duck hunting season lasts for a 12 weeks this year, and it is estimated that every year half a million birds are killed during this three month hunting season, in Victoria alone.

Australia’s laws on hunting

Queensland, New South Wales, Canberra and Western Australia have already banned duck shooting due to the extreme suffering caused to birds. Unfortunately, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria still permit this unnecessary cruelty against animals. For most of the year, native water birds are protected under native wildlife laws. However, during the declared ‘open season’ of duck hunting season, some species are permitted to be shot for sport.

What happens to the ducks?

Duck hunters usually lay out a pattern of decoys in the water in front of a hide or camouflaged screen and they then shoot ducks that fly across or land among the decoys.

Birds suffer pain and stress when they are wounded by shotgun pellets, and an estimated one out of every four birds who are shot are never collected by a shooter. Instead they are left behind, injured, to suffer and even die from broken bones, damaged organs, and internal bleeding.

“Duck shooting is not a sport. It is a cowardly, violent, anti-social act. Sport is an equal contest between humans, such as football, hockey, tennis, athletics etc. Waterbirds cannot defend themselves let alone fight back against shooters armed with powerful weapons, dogs, whistles and decoys. It is a one-sided cowardly activity.”

—Laurie Levy
Coalition Against Duck Shooting, Melbourne

The campaign by Animals Australia

Last year, video footage was captured from the first weekend of Victoria’s duck shooting season showing the true impact of the ‘sport’ of duck hunting on the individual bird.

Animals Australia is working to send the message to the Governments of Victoria, South Australia, the NT and Tasmania, urging them to ban duck hunting.

Supporting Animals Australia

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Take action!

Join with Animals Australia and write your message to the governments of Victoria, South Australia, the NT and Tasmania, and you can help ban duck hunting season across Australia.


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