Testing products on animals is an unnecessary cruelty

Animal testing in Australia

In Australia, up to 6.5 million animals annually are used in futile and cruel experiments. Most animals are killed during or after experiments. The public is generally denied access to the facts around animal experiments in any real detail.

The vast majority of animals used in research are subjected to some degree of pain or stress during  experimental procedures to which they may be subjected, or as a result of the environment in which they are kept prior to or after those procedures.

Animals are not only used in medical research – they are also used to test products such as shampoos, cleaners, and makeup.

It is illegal in Australia to test cosmetics on animals. However, the problem lies in that many popular products in supermarkets have been tested on animals, and this is because there is no law to prevent Australian and international companies from carrying out cruel animal tests overseas before selling their products here.


L’oreal has recently bought into China’s $35.6 billion beauty market, but there is a hidden cost if you are a rabbit or a mouse. China’s government requires animal testing for every new beauty product it sells.

China is the only major market where companies must test their mascaras and lotions on animals. Rabbits are killed or ingredients dripped into their eyes during tests, London animal rights group Cruelty Free International says.

China’s policies create a problem for companies such as L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble that want to sell in the country without alienating consumers in markets that demand humane treatment of animals.


Testing on animals is unnecessary

 Companies like L’oreal, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and Colgate/Palmolive manage to evade Asutralian regulations by doing their testing overseas. These tests are harmful to animals and are entirely unnessecary. Toxicity tests blind, burn, poison and kill millions of rabbits, dogs and other animals every year.

The majority of ingredients commonly used in household cleaners or cosmetics have been safety tested years ago, and the differences in animal physiology means that even brand new ingredients can’t be accurately tested for human safety on anything other than humans.



 Many alternatives to the use of animals have been developed, particularly in toxicity testing and teaching. Studies of systems in cell culture provide many opportunities of substitution for animal experiments.

There are plenty of companies using readily-available alternatives to animal testing which show that there are no more excuses to torture animals. Supporting these companies is one way to show companies like L’oreal that you don’t approve of their animal experimentation.

What can we do?

 Animals Australia is running a campaign to ban the sale of animal-tested cosmetics in Australia.

In 2009, the European Union introduced legislation to phase out the testing of cosmetics on animals throughout Europe. This law also prohibits the sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals, no matter where they are produced.

 We can help bring about this law in Australia by joining forces with Animals Australia.


 Supporting Animals Australia

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Take Action

You can make the difference, take action now to ban animal tested products.


Help end cruel animal testing


Read more about animal experimentation and the alternatives:



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