Greenpeace envisions an energy revolution


Greenpeace are working towards bringing about an energy revolution in Australia.

“Greenpeace has a vision of a world where everyone can use clean, safe, affordable, pollution-free energy. The Energy [R]evolution is a blueprint your bank could invest in to make this vision a reality in Australia.” –


What’s the current situation?

At the moment, Australia is the world’s highest per capita polluter, because of our heavy use of coal. Burning coal for electricity is the largest cause of greenhouse gas pollution in Australia and the world.

However, there is a way to stop the pollution, and the solution is renewable energy. Australia also has the natural assets and technical know-how to lead the world in renewable energy.


Alternatives to coal

There are now a range of proven and commercial technologies that offer solutions and alternatives to coal, and by turning to renewable energy we will also be stimulating new investments and creating millions more jobs than fossil fuels ever could. Greenpeace shows us how in this article: “Solutions: Green Jobs and Economy.”

These alternatives include wind power, solar power, geothermal power and cogeneration power, and Australia has the potential to incorporate all four alternatives into realities.


The potential for alternative solutions to coal

Wind power – Australia has outstanding wind resources, especially in our southern states, where a number of wind projects have already been built.

Solar power – Australia has some of the best solar resources in the world – a 50km by 50km square in the outback would receive enough solar energy to power the entire country.

Geothermal power – It’s been said that harnessing just 1 per cent of our geothermal resources would be enough to power Australia’s electricity needs more than 26,000 times over.

Cogeneration power – Examples exist already of businesses reducing the electricity bills and emissions, as well as actually supplying net energy to the grid, and by 2020 its use could replace 7000 Megawatts of coal-fired power plant, the equivalent of replacing the largest plants in Queensland, NSW and Victoria combined.


Supporting Greenpeace

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What’s being done about this?

Thousands of Australians are working to make the renewable energy revolution a reality, educating people about the benefits of zero-carbon technology and campaigning to bring renewables to their area. Beyond Zero Emissions and the 100% Renewable campaign are two great examples of nationwide efforts to promote renewable energy in Australia.


How can we help?

Greenpeace needs all the help they can get!

You can become part of Greenpeace’s campaign to replace polluting power with renewable energy by taking action now! You can even volunteer.

Support this campaign and let’s help bring about the end of needless pollution.

Tweet the Energy Revolution!




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