The Great Barrier Reef campaign is working!

The Great Barrier Reef

Clouds of reef fish and corals, French frigate shoals, NWHI

The Great Barrier Reef is on the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland, and is the world’s largest coral reef system. It stretches for over 2,600 kilometres, can be seen from outer space, and is the world’s biggest single structure made by living organisms called coral polyps. CNN labelled it one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and it is the state icon of Queensland.

Why is it in danger?

One of the largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals is being built in Gladstone Harbor and this is causing massive amounts of damage to the Great Barrier Reef, so much so that Australia has been given six months to fix the problem, or else the Great Barrier Reef will be down-listed to ‘World Heritage in danger.’

At Gladstone at the moment, approximately 42 million tonnes of the Harbour bed is being dredged to build pipelines to the terminals and infrastructure and port development for shipping vessels which will take the LNG overseas. This dredging has resulted in a high degree of contaminant mobilisation, poisoning fish, dugongs, turtles and other marine life.

What will happen to the reef?

Climate scientists argue that these coal developments will double Australia’s carbon emissions in the next decade. This will make conditions impossible for the reef’s survival, and will lead to environmental catastrophe.

The coal development companies are now waiting on Federal Environmental Minister Tony Burke’s final decision on whether they will be allowed to begin the Abbot Point dredging project, which will allow them to dump their spoil off the coast of Bowen.

What is being done?

Avaaz has been actively campaigning for years to save the Great Barrier Reef. The campaign to save the Great Barrier Reef has achieved some small successes.

The Avaaz community has been fighting to save the unparalleled beauty of the reef for years. Last year, Avaaz members threatened a public US Bank when they were set to invest in Reef destruction. Hundreds of thousands of Avaaz members sent messages to the Australian Environment Minister to help win the largest marine reserve in the world.

What’s happening now?

The Great Barrier Reef is at risk of being dredged to make way for a mega coal project. But if one key investor walks away, the deal would be sunk and the World Heritage Site would be protected. We can convince them to pull out, or get PM Rudd to stop the plan, but we have to act now.

Avaaz has already seen one small victory o\for the Great Barrier Reef – The Minister just delayed the dredging decision and announced a public consultation.

So now is our chance to really make the difference! If we all band together we can convince investors to pull out of the deal, and we can save the future of our Great Barrier Reef.

Supporting Avaaz


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What can we do to help Avaaz with their Great Barrier Reef campaign?

The investor group Aurizon has been backing the project to dredge up soil near the Great barrier Reef know that this project has terrible consequences for the Reef. They’re getting cold feet, and we might be able to push them over the edge, and get them to back out of the project entirely. One of the main potential funders has even donated to climate activism!

“If one million of us express our head-shaking disbelief at this crazy project in the next few days, we can help get Aurizon to pull funding and maybe even persuade the Australian PM to step in. This is what Avaaz is for, let’s raise a voice for common sense!” –

Let’s support Avaaz in their campaign to save the Great Barrier Reef – now is the time for action!

 Sign the petition:

 Read more about what’s happening to the Reef and how Greenpeace are trying to save it here:

 You can also help by sharing the story with everyone you know.

Every additional signature counts, it is up to us to fight for the Reef.


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