Make Poverty History


Across the world, everyone is joining together for one common goal – to make poverty history. Together we can end poverty!


What is Make Poverty History?


In 2000, all 191 member countries of the United Nations – including Australia – made a historic agreement and committed to halve poverty by 2015. There were 8 targets involved, and these became known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and they are a crucial step towards making poverty history.

These 8 targets are:


  1. Halve Extreme Poverty and Hunger
  2. Primary Education for All Children
  3. Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women
  4. Reduce Child Deaths
  5. Improve Maternal Health
  6. Combat HIV/AIDs, Malaria and other diseases
  7. Environmental Sustainability and Clean Water/Sanitation
  8. A Global Partnership, including more and better aid


Now is the time to act!


2013 is a critical year for the Australian aid program. With the Federal Election set for September, and this being the last Australian election before the MDGs deadline in 2015, it is an important time for us to let our political leaders know that we care about ending extreme poverty and that it can be done.
We must ask our political leaders to keep their promise of committing 0.7% of our national income to help end poverty.


How does the Movement to End Poverty work?


The Movement to End Poverty is a joint action of the Make Poverty History and Micah coalitions for all Australians who believe we can end extreme poverty. It IS possible to end poverty, and we can all be a part of this worthy cause.

“Since 1990, aid has helped to reduce extreme poverty, including almost halving the number of children around the world who die before their fifth birthday – 14,000 fewer children dying every single day.

Let’s help make poverty history by giving our fair share of aid – just 70 cents in every $100 of Australia’s national income by 2020.

As a step towards contributing our fair share, the Government must keep its promise to increase aid to 50 cents in every $100 dollars of national income by 2016 and the Opposition must match this commitment.” – Movement to End Poverty


Sign the Petition!


We can all show our support for fair, sustainable international development by signing the petition to Make Poverty History. Our signatures will show the federal government that contributing a fair amount to sustainable human development is something many Australians support.


So far, over 60,000 people have signed on to support the cause, and the number continues to grow.

By adding your name to the Movement to End Poverty, your name will appear in the public mosaic image of signatories. You will join a historic social movement of people who support an end to extreme poverty in our lifetime.


What else can we do?


Other ways to show your support include:


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