Humane Research Australia – Let’s end animal experimentation

  1. Let’s end animal experimentation

What is Humane Research Australia?

Humane Research Australia Inc. is a not for profit organisation that challenges the use of animals in research and promotes the use of more humane and scientifically-valid non animal methodologies.

The organisation was founded in October 1979 by Ms Elizabeth Ahlston, registered under the Charitable Collections Act (NSW) in December of that year, and incorporated in January 1992.

In its formative years, HRA organized a visit to Australia by Muriel the Lady Dowding – founder of the Beauty Without Cruelty movement which first exposed the cruel methods used in testing cosmetics on un-anaesthetised animals.

Over the years, AAHR has been involved in many projects and created many trust funds that have been able to support non-animal research projects and training of scientists in non-animal techniques. They have also supported many overseas campaigns including sending 10,000 aerograms to the President of the European Parliament protesting the failure by EEC to ban animal testing of cosmetics, support for BUAV’s “Paradise Lost” campaign about primates, and the campaign against the plight of China’s Moon Bears milked for their bile.

Local campaigns have included protests against the provision of pound dogs to research laboratories, use of the Fat-Tailed Dunnart (an Australian marsupial) in experiments about obesity, and a parade of giant rabbits with Draize-test damaged eyes through the streets of Sydney.

In 2005, AAHR relocated to Melbourne, produced an educational DVD about animal research in Australia, prepared government submissions about animal research, and they continue to campaign for the ethical treatment of animals.

HRA’s Vision

“HRA’s vision is one where scientific establishments are lined with significant achievement awards instead of cages; where inappropriate animal models are replaced with progressive technologies and where every patient receiving lifesaving medications can be confident knowing that their treatments have been safely and thoroughly tested through methodologies that are directly relevant to humans.”

“The philosophy of Humane Research Australia is that opposition to animal experimentation is not just an ethical issue – it has a scientific basis too. We recognise that data obtained from animal experiments cannot be extrapolated to human conditions with a sufficient degree of accuracy and so it’s therefore crucial that if we genuinely desire a healthier society we must base medical research on models that accurately mimic the human system, rather than an artificially-induced replica in a different species – species that differ from us anatomically, physiologically and genetically.”

–       Humane Research Australia website

What can we do?

HRA outlines a number of different ways we can be aware of the issues surrounding animal research, and do our part to make a difference.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

“We can all make a difference just by making simple changes in our daily lives.”

 1. Buy cruelty-free products

  • Choose products to purchase that have not been tested on animals
  • You will be supporting the companies that are ethical towards animals, proving that it is possible to have a world without animal testing.
  • For a list of “Preferred Products”, visit the Choose Cruelty Free website

2. Refuse to donate to animal-based research

  • When you are donating to a health charity, check that they are not an animal-testing medical charity.
  • You will be redirecting your funds to charities that recognize that animal testing is unnecessary.
  • See this list for Humane Charities that do NOT use animals.

3. Join HRA!

Check out Humane Research Australia’s website for more ways that you can make a difference!


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