Do you know about the trapped bears in Romania?

There are 20 bears in illegal captivity in Romania, including Doru. They live each day locked in tiny cages, with little food and often no water. They are cramped up, endlessly rocking to and fro, with no hope of activity or excitement to brighten their days.

WSPA is working with local organisations in Pakistan and Romania to provide homes for bears  that are rescued.


Cristi – Zarnesti’s first rescue bear


Bears raised in tiny enclosures and abusive situations are sadly usually unable to adapt to a life in the wild, and so when they are rescued, their best option is life-time care in a sanctuary designed to allow them to behave as naturally as possible.

Doru and Gheorghe remain trapped in Onesti Zoo

Doru is one of the last remaing trapped bears in the Onesti Zoo in Romania. WSPA are in talks with the owner of the zoo and the local Mayor, and they are very close to bringing Doru and another bear, Gheorghe, to the WSPA funded Zarnesti sanctuary. Both of these bears are 15 years old and have lived their whole lives in single, stark cages with no stimulation, no grass or trees and no shelter from the winter cold or the summer heat.

The Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary was established in 2006 to provide a home to bears rescued and released from captivity.  Zarnesti is in the Carpathian countryside, and there the bears learn to hibernate and interact with each other, freedoms that they have never known.

How can we help?

WSPA are in need of urgent donations to help bring Doru and Gheorghe to the Zarnesti sanctuary. 70 bears have already been freed from cruelty and now live in the safety of the Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary.

“When I saw the bears who we were going to have to leave behind, it was the most distressing thing I have ever experienced. I then realised how much I wanted to be involved and help WSPA push for change.” Asher Keddie – WSPA Celebrity Ambassador

WSPA have outlined a number of ways in which your small donation can help them.

Your support will help:

  • The rescue and protection of the last bears held in illegal captivity
  • To feed and care for the 70 bears already in Zarnesti Sanctuary
  • Our ongoing work to stop cruelty to animals everywhere.

How do we donate?

You can help save Doru by donating through WSPA’s website.

You can also make a donation to WSPA to help animals all around the world through phone, post, or fax.

Phone: 1300 13 9772
Post: WSPA Australia
GPO Box 3294
Sydney NSW 2001
Fax: +61 2 9906 1166

 Together we can STOP the suffering and end cruelty to animals. 


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