Join with Bishop Geoffrey Robinson and take a stand against sexual abuse within the Church.

Sexual abuse in the Church


Sexual abuse of children has been an ongoing issue for far too many years, and has become ever more present within the Church. Church priests and leaders are entrusted by the community to exercise pastoral care, teach, and minister to the people of the community, and yet there are some who abuse this trust we place in them.

History of sexual abuse in the Church


One question that we start to ask ourselves is discussed in the article “What’s Really Behind the Catholic Church’s Sexual Abuse Problem?”

Harriet Fraad’s article deftly examines the questions of why the Church has had so many incidents of sexual abuse within its walls, and why these century-long practices are only coming to light now.

It’s time to take a stand


For too many years, we have stood by and let our young people suffer. In their darkest hours they have had no-one to turn to. The priests, who might normally be considered their sanctuary in confession, have become their torment. Nowadays, those few who abuse our trust make a bad name for all the church. Bishop Geoffrey Robinson has decided it’s time to take action. He has felt the rejection of the people, who look upon his priesthood with distaste, and he no longer wants to see any association between sexual abuse and the Church.

Who is Bishop Geoffrey Robinson?


Bishop Robinson from the Catholic Church speaks of the horror of sexual abuse with the insight gained from someone who truly understands. As he says, as a teenager he too was abused. He has heard too many stories of sexual abuse within the Church and they have made him ashamed to be a priest and a Catholic. He has tried to speak out on the issue and he has felt the disapproval from authorities in the Church – authorities that want to protect themselves and the Church from the harsh media glare. However, he has not let this stop him.

There is now more media attention than ever before on the problem of sexual abuse within the Church. As the horror stories come out of the woodwork, we start to question – what has caused this? Why is there such an ongoing history of sexual abuse in the Church, and how can we stop this from ever happening again?

What is being done?


A Royal Commission is underway, and the new Pope, Pope Francis, has directed the Vatican to “act decisively” on clergy sex abuses cases, and now Bishop Geoffrey Robinson has committed himself to taking action. He has started a petition on calling on Pope Francis to convene a full council of the Church on the issue. He hopes this will finally begin an open process to identify and remove the causes of the abuse.

What can we do?


Bishop Geoffrey Robinson is asking for our help to rid the Church of the causes of sexual abuse. He would like us to sign his petition to Pope Francis. If enough of us take action and stand with the thousands of other Catholics and victims of abuse, the Church will not be able to ignore the message we send them.

Let’s all take a stand against sexual abuse in the Church.

Sign Bishop Robinson’s petition now!


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