Children’s Commissioner Launches Listening Tour

On the 4th of June, the National Children’s Commissioner Megan Mitchell started her three-month Australia-wide listening tour.


“I want to know how I can make the kids’ lives better but I can’t do that unless I start a conversation with them, learn what’s most important to them and how I can make their lives better.” – Megan Mitchell.


Who is Megan Mitchell?



Megan Mitchell is Australia’s first dedicated National Children’s Commissioner, and as stated on her website, she focuses solely on the rights and interests of children, and the laws, policies, and programs that impact on them.


She was appointed by the current Prime Minister Julia Gillard on February 25 2013, marking a significant step in the protection of children in Australia.


She has had extensive experience in issues facing children and young people, and has worked with children from all background types including significant work with vulnerable children, as well as significant expertise in foster and kinship care, child protection, children’s services, juvenile justice, child care, disabilities, and early intervention and prevention services.


Megan’s previous roles include NSW Commissioner for Children and Young People, Executive Director of the ACT Office for Children, Youth and Family Support, Executive Director for Out-of-Home Care in the NSW Department of Community Services, and CEO of the Australian Council of Social Service.


What is The Big Banter?



“Children and young people are experts in their own lives and so, before I can work out what needs to be done, I need to ask the experts!” – Megan Mitchell.

Over the next few months, Megan Mitchell will be travelling across the country to speak to as many children and young people as possible.


The Big Banter is her way of finding out from young people directly what they think the priorities of a National Children’s Commissioner should be.

Megan will also be speaking to the adults who work with and for these children about the rights of children and young people in Australia.

She will then be able to report to the government her findings later this year.


How can you be involved?



The Australian Human Rights Commission is calling for children and young people to join in on this Big Banter tour and tell Megan your thoughts. You can share your story, letters, poems, drawing, and anything else you feel like sharing, on the website;

From there, you can also take the survey and make your voice heard.

“I will be looking carefully at all responses and will report to parliament as well as to children and young people.” – Megan Mitchell.


Email Commissioner Mitchell:

Follow The Big Banter on Twitter: @MeganM4Kids

Follow Megan Mitchell at:

Find out more at:


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