The Team @ PRFC


Phoenix Rising For Children (PRFC) was founded in 2001 to provide quality out-of-home care (foster care) to children and young people.  PRFC was established by qualified and caring individuals with expertise and a clear awareness of the outcomes for children in foster care, and a significant commitment to see quality outcomes for such children and young people.

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Soon after establishment, PRFC participated in the accreditation process with the Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCCG). This newly introduced legislation required agencies in New South Wales providing out-of-home care (foster care) for children and young people, to be accredited.

PRFC was one of the first agencies accredited in New South Wales to provide foster care and was recently re-accredited to provide foster care and supported out-of-home care for a further 5 years.  We have grown at a pace which has allowed us to maintain a quality approach to the services we provide for children, young people and families, within and outside the care sector.

PRFC personnel work closely with an expanding field staff, providing a flexible work environment. Our focus is on recruiting foster carers with the potential to provide a high standard of quality care. We recruit personnel with commitment and capacity to make a positive contribution to the services we provide.

We have a focus on training and support for our staff and foster carers, who comprise our Care Team. We have a flexible approach to new ideas and we pro-actively respond to perceived challenges and opportunities.


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